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Stoptober Support 2019

What is stoptober?

As October is looming so is the annual stoptober, its hard to ignore as its normally plastered over walls and a lot of advertising and committed members of the community spread the existence of the tradition by word of mouth. Stoptober 2019 dates start on the 1st of October it is around this time of year just months before the new year that we (society) encourage people to quit smoking.

In a nutshell, it is scientifically proven that if you are able to stop smoking for 28 days during this period or any for that matter then you are 5 times more likely to stop smoking for good. It was started from the PHE society which is Public Health England, and was launched in 2012 as a challenge with of course the obvious rewards which'll mean you will feel so much better once its over and you have created other healthy habits rather than smoking. Now as stated it is a "Stoptober challenge" for a reason, only the strong can survive in this period and with encouragement from people around you and the many ways to keep yourselves occupied ANYONE can get through it. For 2019 Stoptober, in England thousands of people have already tried and stopped smoking with the help of an e cigarette. Last year 2018-19 figures are staggering, about two thirds of people smoking took initiative and managed to stop smoking with the help of e cigarette. In 2017 stoptober had already seen an increase of 29% sales in vaping starter kits. Lets all smash stoptober together.

Try E-cigarrettes...

E-cigarettes, commonly known also as vapes or vaping, have become one of the most popular methods to aid you during the period between smoking and quitting. The vaping industry has hit a massive high in recent years as the growth has exceeded expectations massively. It is estimated that roughly 3.2 million people in Great Britain use e-cigarettes and this is constantly growing. If you're considering to aid yourself during this period by trying vaping you can gain plenty of advice by coming to us or even your local vape shop, the employees will be able to give you the support and advice you need by helping you to choose right vape kit or e liquid flavour for yourself.

E-cigarettes or vapes have been produced and become more advanced since the popularity of them have rocketed, they have one main initial purpose and this is to be a healthier alternative than smoking. Depending on what is your personal preference you will shortly find a vape that best suits you. There are a lot of different options from pod vape systems, standard vape pen styles kit, vape Mods which are bigger vapes, which can be adjustable, replaceable and built in batteries. So you definitely won’t be struggling for choices and will definitely be able to find the best one that suits you.

The other component of using an e-cigarette or vape is the e-liquid that you will be using inside it. Usually when you go into your local vape store they will be able to help you decide what is best for you, usually this will be decided by your amount of intake from smoking and they'll be able to navigate you in the right direction. Its best to normally start high or at a medium level as you will have the best performance and experience from vaping and in good time you will be able to decrease this and evidently later hopefully be finished with all of it. However, having said that, some people do still vape even when they feel as though they dont need it as much this is normally at a 0% or the lowest with nicotine as it has little to no effect on you and this then becomes a healthier habit.

There are a lot of pro's to vaping which have been scientifically proven that it is the best alternative as it is at the least 95% less harmful than smoking, according to NHS UK. This is because it so much healthier than smoking tobacco with nicotine, as vaping has no tar which is what is in tobacco which can cause issues later. E-cigarettes can help manage your nicotine cravings. The best experience you can have from using an e-cigarette is when you stop smoking completely and put all your focus on to vaping.

According to smokfree an estimated 2.9 million adults in Great Britain currently use e-cigarettes and of these, 1.5 million people have completely stopped smoking cigarettes. They carry a fraction of the risk of cigarettes and can be particularly effective when combined with extra quitting support.

Manage your cravings...

For a lot of people who are trying to stop smoking especially around the time of the famous STOPTOBER it is still really hard and it isnt easy to stop with just will power you will definitely need a lot of support whether this is personal or materialistic. This is why GP's always encourage a form of aiding you during this period. Stop smoking aids can definitely help manage nicotine cravings and withdrawal symptoms. The stop smoking aids along with stoptober increases chances of this being a successful transformation for you.

Join the Stoptober challenge

So why don’t you take the challenge and make the switch to vaping with Shisha Time Vape and help yourself find the best vaping deals to start with. We got hundreds of different flavours to choose from combined with some best vape starter kits. E Liquid flavours come in different nicotine strength to suit for people who are heavy smoker, generally tend to go along with vape mods kit.

You can come down to one of our local vape shop and chat with the specialist vape staff and they will be happy to help you find the right product and advice. You can also decide at your convenience and check Shisha Time online vape store for our full range of e juices, beginners kit and advance starter kit.

Stoptober vape deals

Customers from our stores are eligible for our great loyalty scheme which allows them to build up points on each purchase and helps us interact with our customer’s needs. This also allows them to have first reservations on our promotions as the loyalty scheme we hold has information of which includes email addresses where we send our promotions.

For stoptober campaign we have a lot of promotions instore and online, including bundle vape deals. Our online vape deals include Premium 50ml eliquid which are normally £14.99 are now two for £24.99 so you get a promotional code which takes off £5. This promotion is not limited to big brands like Dinner Lady, Nasty Juice, Charlies Chalkdust and many many more.

We have divided kits into two categories, MTL (mouth to lung) or DTL (direct to lung) vaping based on the way you inhale. MTL vaping is same as smoking cigarettes, where as DTL is more like smoking traditional shisha, inhaling deep or full mouth to your lung. Most of the newcomers prefer the idea of vaping Mtl as its more convenient and easy when you thinking of switching and comparatively cheaper option as well.

You can find best Mtl starter kits online which comes in different shape, size and price, check which one you fancy more and we have bundled few good offers to start with. For someone who fancy bit advance stuff or comfortable vaping on high power where you can vape out big clouds, then please check sub ohm vape kit,there  is definitely something up for bargain.

We also have a stoptober starter kit promotion on a few of our popular vape kits with a discounted price and also include free 2x10ml e juice bottles with any starter kit or pod system. Additionally, on our online website if you get any built in battery kit you are also get free 1x50ml shortfill e liquid bottle. So why wait? Grab yourself a bargain or for your loved one, someone you care for.

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