50 50 Vape Juice VS 70/30

Well you must have come across the phrase ‘50/50 e-liquid’, but what exactly it is and use for? The answer is rather straight forward.

50/50 e-liquid is a vape juice which can be used in either pen style e-cig devices or in pod kit devices. So if you are looking for something more similar to cigarette smoking, then 50/50 or 70/30 e liquid with higher nicotine is the answer.

Vampire Vape E Liquid

Vampire vape was established in 2012, they became very popular with their e-liquid and  in recent years become recognizable as a multi award winning corporation that specializes in premium vape juice. They are one of the oldest and biggest brands, with great value for all day vape. They initially started with 12 flavours but as their company becomes increasingly more popular they have managed to bring out over 54 satisfying nicotine e liquid in all strengths with various ratios of PG/VG to suit each individual vapour. Their strategy is to try and always keep up to date with recent trends whilst also having their own uniqueness by thinking outside of the box. Vampire vape have a very huge following and we at Shisha Time bring you best vape juice online with great offers plus regular vape juice sale in the UK.

Vampire Vape e-juice is produced in Britain and ensure that only the finest, pharmaceutical, food grade ingredients are used. At Shisha Time Vape you can buy best e liquid in UK which are always on on offers in 10ml bottles and 100ml shortfill e liquid bottles and their PG/VG ratio will differentiate depending on the nicotine strengths. They offer 0, 3, 6, 12 and 18mg in a 60PG/40VG ratio. A lot of the time, consumers don’t know what PG liquid and high VG e liquid consists of. The ratio of higher PG vs VG is to ensure a throat hit, hence why it is seen more suitable for higher levels of nicotine, whereas the high VG e liquid mix is more for cloud production, normally used with lower nicotine e liquid.

Pinkman E liquid Flavour Review

Pinkman e liquid is the second most popular e liquid flavor out of the Vampire vape e-liquid range. The Pinkman e liquid recipe consists of a beautifully put together medley of fruit flavours. Pinkman e liquid flavour is a combination of grapefruit, lemon and orange, perfect for direct to lung and cloud chasers. Pinkman e liquid is sold in 100ml short fill e liquid or 10ml bottles and is available to order online or from our vape store. We currently have a cheap e liquid deal on our Vampire Vape range which is any 4 for £10.99. There flavours consist of a unique tasting pallet of flavours for fruit lovers, they are definitely a highly recommended e liquid.

Heisenberg E liquid Flavour Review

Heisenberg e liquid is definitely one of the most popular flavors in the whole of the UK. Vampire vape is the first company to originally create this popular Heisenberg e liquid in UK. It’s a perfect fusion of Mix berries, Aniseed and finished with menthol, which is like cherry on the cake.

At Shisha Vape you can buy Heisenberg e liquid 0mg e liquid (50ml/100ml shortfill e liquid) or to add your own nicotine according to your personal preference. Due to high demand you can now buy Heisenberg e liquid concentrate, so for all you who dare to produce their own e liquid has added option to explore. Heizen e liquid has been a very popular option throughout the years of vaping, for all those who haven’t tried must do so to avoid disappointment.

Hangsen E Liquid review

Hangsen premium e liquid UK started their production of e cig liquid back in 2009 and was one of the first biggest brands to bring out a huge selection of flavours when vaping just started out. Hangsen e liquid are currently offering there products globally to over eighty five different countries. Hangsen is a very popular choice for people with a higher tolerance of nicotine as they specialize generally with high nicotine levels. Hangsen e liquid offer 0,6,12,18mg nicotine strenghs. They have the best of both worlds with a variety of flavours which vary from fruit to tobbacco e liquid flavours. There tobacco range are very good as they try to link them mostly with the actually cigarette brands that people may smoke so it makes it easier for them to stop smoking as they will feel the same taste as their current addiction.

Hangsen have been around for a really long time, their guarantee is that they produce best and cheap e liquid in UK and around the world and they invest a lot of their time in looking for new flavors. They are made with pharmaceutical grade nicotine which provides natural flavorings. The brand itself is known for being very knowledgeable on what they offer their customers, whilst bearing in mind the idea that the way they make their vape juice is very unique. They ensure that when their liquids are made it removes all the impurities found within each compound. So for that reason they are seen as a more healthy brand option within the industry.

Hangsen e liquid in UK have a 70/30 base. When vaping had first started out people were vaping to genuinely aid the process to stop smoking. Hangsen have great flavours, every fruit flavour probably imaginable, with also a range of hangsen menthol e liquid. They have a huge variety of Hangsen Tobbacco e liquid or you can shop online for vape clearance UK. To expand further Hangsen premium e liquid range of Tobacco flavours include; virginia tobacco, hangsen golden virginia e liquid, gold and silver (B&H) and smooth tobacco. With this huge variety of flavours you definitely wont find it difficult to find what your after. Hangsen also have there hangsen range of rainbow e liquid and vanilla e liquid. Their nicotine strengths range from 0mg e liquid up to 18mg to suit your personal preference and are sold in a few different sizes; hangsen e liquid 10ml, 30ml and 100ml.

V Drops E Liquid

V Drops have been around for a long time and are a very popular brand. V drops are very well known for their very popular vape liquid. They have nicotine strengths from 0,3,6 and 12mg with beautifully put together flavours you definitely would not be disappointed. They have 50/50 e liquid which ensures that you’re getting as much flavour as a throat hit. They have a few flavours which really stand out and are probably the most popular, Ice Mint, Strawberry Delight, Grandmas cookies and Lemon Sherbet. This is just a ball point, they have so many lovely flavours to choose from which all produce a strong sweet tasting flavour. You definitely won't be disappointed. Have a browse on our website for more lovely flavours from there range or pop in to one of our stores to try them out for yourself...

V Juice E-Liquid

V Juice have grown from strength to strength in recent years, as they started in 2013 as a small independent business that were just blending flavours together as a passion distributing vape e liquid uk for a few small shops within the UK. Due to high demand and popularity there passion has become a successful thriving business. From where they started as more of a hobbie they have now got over 65 flavours to choose from which are all being perfected all the time by listening to customer demands. They have a huge variety of vape eliquid so it shouldn't be too hard to find something that tickles your fancy. Additionally, V Juice have a variety of nicotine e liquid strengths with ratios of 80/20 and 50/50 to suit each individual vapor perfectly.

V juice E liquid review

Two of the most popular flavours from the V juice e liquid UK range are; Tuned in cherry and Vim'o. Tuned in cherry has an exact tasting replica of cherry tunes. The cherry and menthol mix are definitely perfectly blended and you can tell the premiumness of the flavour. Additionally, the Vimto liquid is their most popular flavour.  The vim'o e liquid recipe has a very succulent and sweet blackcurrant flavour like some of your favourite childhood sweets like 'Vimto' sticks and fizzy drinks. Highly recommended by our staff and customers so you wont be disappointed. V juice's  50/50 mix is best used in some of our premium and well selected starter kits as the power level allows the flavour and clouds to be perfect mix of both to ensure you gain the best experience from their e liquid.  Similarly, the vimto e liquid 100ml is great to store at 0mg e liquid which can be adjusted with nicotine to your preference.


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